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Archived Blackbelts


  Name Country Grade  Date 
Eamon McNamee N Ireland 5th Dan Dec 96
Jeffrey M Liotta U.S.A. 1st Degree Aug 89
Jeffrey M Liotta U.S.A. 2nd Degree Jul 93
  Joe Tierney  England 6th Dan Aug-97
  Keith Lomas  England 6th Dan  Oct-00
  Alan Lufflum  England 5th Dan  Oct-00
  Anne Jackson  England 5th Dan  May-01
  Andrew Bolgere  England 1st Dan May-01
  Richard Pidduck  England 2nd Degree Jun-01
  John Paul Corrigan  England 1st Dan Jun-01
  Alfie Lewis  England 8th Dan Jun-01
  Dr. Peter Lewis  England 4th Dan Jul-01
  Martin J Smith  England 6th Dan Jul-01
  Soncha Smith  England 4th Dan Jul-01
  Lorraine Riley England 4th Dan Jul-01
  Dr Waqar Ahmed Ph.D  England 3rd Dan Jul-01
  Ajith Dhammitha Jayakody  Sri Lanka 8th Dan Jul-01
  Gary Musson  England 3rd dan Jul-01
  Dave Morris  England 6th Dan Jul-01
  Timothy Marshall  England 4th Dan Jul-01
  John Salt  England 5th Dan Jul-01
  Soke Gary Wasniewski England 9th Dan Jul-01
  Richard Dobson  England 5th Dan Jul-01
  Qaiser Niazi  England 6th Dan Aug-01
  Tony Jackson  England 3rd Dan Aug-01
  Steve Gladstone  England 4th Dan Sep-01
  Klaus Wilkinson  England 2nd Dan Sep-01
  Robert G Campbell  England 5th Dan Sep-01
  Dave Latham England 1st Degree Dec-01
Jeffrey M Liotta U.S.A. 3rd Dan Feb-02
  Steve Bullough England 6th Dan Mar-02
  Mashud Ahmed  England 3rd Dan Mar-02
  Kevin Green  England 4th Dan Apr-02
  Peter Jagger  England 4th Dan May-02
  David Kacperski  England 4th Dan May-02
  Arjarn N Hewitson  England 5th Degree May-02
Hugh William Crawford England 5th Dan Jun-02
  Jorn Brandt  Denmark 7th Dan Jul-02
  Lis Maria Brandt  Denmark 3rd Dan Jul-02
Andrew Brownbridge England 5th Degree May-02
  David Mazzocchetti  Australia 6th Dan May-02
  Stephen Henry  England 4th Dan Oct-02
  Ray McKenzie  England 5th Dan Oct-02
  Trevor Felix  England 4th Dan Oct-02
  Brian Seabright  England 6th Dan Nov-02
  Alex Barrowman England 6th Degree Nov-02
  Paul Reed England 4th Degree Nov-02
  David Littlemore England 4th Degree Nov-02
  Jeff Scott England 3rd Degree Nov-02
  Ian Butlin England 1st Dan Nov-02
  Verd Frostwick England 2nd Degree Nov-02
  Michael John Geraghty England 1st Dan Dec-02
  Steve Balfe England 4th Dan Dec-02
Michel Mangen Luxemburg 3rd Dan Feb-03
  Emile Eischen Luxemburg 5th Dan Feb-03
Noel Laures Luxemburg 1st Dan Feb-03
Kevin Eischen Luxemburg 2nd Dan Feb-03
  Sylvan Clarke England 4th Dan Apr-03
  Surinder Marway England 4th Dan Apr-03
Martin Thornhill England 1st Dan Apr-03
  Robert M Peters England 4th dan May-03
  Martin Folan England 1st KRU (MuayThai) Jul-03
  Mark Burridge England 6th Dan Jul-03
  Jack Boniface England 8th Dan Jul-03
  Imtiaz Hussain England 2nd Dan Sep-03
Steve Prior England 6th dan Sep-03
Chris Beaumont England 2nd Dan Oct-03
  Darren Ellis England 5th Dan Dec-03
  Thomas Ashe England 4th Dan Dec-03
  Kris Halliday England 1st Dan Dec-03
  Mike Rydings  England 3rd Dan Dec-03
  Leonardo Casu Italy  1st Dan Dec-03
  Michael Clarke England  3rd Dan Dec-03
  Henderson R. Greenidge England 1st Degree Dec-03
  Kenneth Wagner England 2nd Dan Dec-03
Christopher Boughey England 6th Degree Jan-04
  Dr Eugene de Silva England / U.S.A. 8th Dan  Jan-04
  Ismail Saleh England 5th Dan Jan-04
  Yusuf Saleh England 4th Dan Jan-04
  Mohamed Saleh England 3rd Dan Jan-04
  Aysha Saleh England 2nd Dan Jan-04
  Zulekha Saleh England 2nd Dan Jan-04
  Fatima Saleh  England 2nd Dan Jan-04
  Khadeeja Saleh England 1st Dan Jan-04
  Yusuf Sidat England 2nd Dan Jan-04
  Conrad Ind England 4th Dan Jan-04
  Stephan David Rowland England 2nd Degree Mar-04
Damian Kierans Northern Ireland 2nd Dan Apr-04
Jonny Black England 6th Degree Apr-04
  Richard Pidduck England 3rd Degree May-04
  Sophie Bird England 1st Dan  May-04
  Diana Vincent England 3rd Dan (Kobudo) Jun-04
  Nolan Lovell England 4th Degree Jun-04
Julie Cerson England 1st Dan Jul-04
  Master David McGoldrick England 7th Dan Aug-04
  Vanessa Tricker England 2nd Degree Aug-04
  Arran Hornewood England 1st Degree Aug-04
  John C Higo England 6th Dan Aug-04
  Andrew Morrell England 6th Dan Sep-04
  Brett Dowling England 3rd Degree Sep-04
  Paul McLoughlin  England 6th Dan Sep-04
  Maria Murray  England 4th Degree  Oct-04
  Tyrone Wasniewski England 6th Dan Oct-04
  Jason D Pierce  England/U.S.A. 4th Degree Oct-04
  Sam Stewart England 5th Dan Nov-04
  Master Libertino Parisi England 5th Dan Jan-05
Steve Vickers England 3rd Dan Jan-05
  Keith Priestley  England 5th Dan Feb-05
  Tania Presutti Denmark 1st Dan  Feb-05
Frank Rasmussen Denmark 1st Dan  Feb-05
Qassim Abo Harb Denmark 1st Dan  Feb-05
Sue Isaacs England 4th Dan  Mar-05
Rob Cook England 4th Dan  Apr-05
Master Karl J Stevens England 6th Degree  Apr-05
Ben Dawson England 2nd Dan May-05
Andrew Paul Davies England 8th Dan May-05
Paul Alexander Clayton England 3rd Dan Jun-05
Neil Pearson Isle of Man 6th Dan Jul-05
Jeremy Brown England 1st Dan Jul-05
Paige Hansen-Cerson England 1st Dan  Jul-05
Toni Walker England 1st Dan  Jul-05
Joshua Guest England 1st Dan Jul-05
Chris Eaton England 3rd Dan Jul-05
James Peter Findlay England 1st Degree Aug-05
David O'Meara England 4th Dan  Oct-05
Steve Graham England 4th Degree Oct-05
Martin Andersson Sweden 1st Dan Nov-05
Khalid Alsubeihi Denmark 6th Dan Nov-05
Mark Hewett England 6th Dan Roku Dan Nov-05
Mark Christopher Iles England 8th Degree Nov-05
Eamon McNamee Northern Ireland 6th Dan Dec-05
Vladimir Isaevski Sweden 3rd Dan Dec-05
Jonathan Mark Gladwin England 5th Degree Jan-06
Ann Jackson England 6th Dan Jan-06
Andrew Wheatley England 3rd Dan Jan-06
David J Hooper England 4th Dan May-06
Aamena Saleh England 1st Dan July-06
Imran Sidat England 1st Dan July-06
Sabiha Sidat England 1st Dan July-06
Yahyaa Varachhia England 1st Dan July-06
John Robertson England Godan July-06
Jorn Brandt Denmark 8th Dan July-06
Lisa Maria Brandt Denmark 5th Dan July-06
Chris Taft England 3rd Dan Aug-06
Danny Barker England 1st Dan Oct-06
Alan Chan China 5th Dan Nov-06
Chloe Bruce England 4th Dan Nov-06
Robert Campbell England 6th Dan Nov-06
Justin Dodd England 6th Dan Dec-06
Peter Roy Jagger England 5th Dan Jan-07
Andrew Munday England 5th Dan Jan-07
Paul J. King England 1st Dan Jan-07
Paul Roberts England 6th Dan Jan-07
Nigel McClure Northern Ireland 2nd Dan Feb-07
Daniele Brunozzi Italy 4th Dan Feb-07
Andrew Brownbridge England 6th Dan Feb-07
Sara Pearson Isle of Man 1st Dan Feb-07
Daniel A Donohue Irish Republic 7th Dan Feb-07
Khadeeja Saleh England 2nd Dan Feb-07
Fatima Saleh England 3rd Dan Feb-07
Zulekha Saleh England 3rd Dan Feb-07
Paul James David England 5th Dan Mar-07
Tracey Anne David England 2nd Dan Mar-07
Ferrari Faqiri England 3rd Dan Apr-07
Dave Morris England 7th Dan Jun-07
John Salt England 6th Dan Aug-07
Michael Isaacs England 5th Dan (Godan) Sep-07
Alan Dennis England 2nd Dan Sep-07
Steve Bullough England 7th Dan Sep-07
Simon R Johnson England 3rd Dan Oct-07
Stephen Balfe England 5th Dan Dec-07
Jeffrey M Liotta U.S.A. 4th Dan Jan-08
Keith Sanderson England 5th Dan Apr-08
James Cotton England 5th Degree Jul-08
Scott Biddle England 2nd Dan Aug-08
Paul Shipley England 2nd Dan Sep-08
David McGoldrick England 8th Dan Oct-08
Eric Alex Jensen Australia 5th Degree Dec-08
John R Murphy England 4th Dan Jan-09
Steve Graham England 5th Dan Jan-09


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